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We have invented as a world premiere a secret recipe of salmon whose process is kept secret but offered as a Tsar Cut presentation, in other words a centrepiece fillet of salmon which is worked more than three weeks in order to offer a fish streamlined with a tight texture, quite firm like a Pata negra ham, whose taste is voluntarily smoked and salted. It have to be cut vertically in slices of about 2mm thickness, and can be tasted alone in aperitive, served as an apetizer or for the main dish. Smoke it. Smoke it again and why not smoke it one more time? That is the philosophy behind our triple-smoked Souhoi Style Salmon.

We have hand-trimmed the plumpest cuts, salted them to perfection and laid them in the oven with light-red beech wood ready for you to order and receive at home.

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